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California is the place you ought to be

By Bubba Crosby
Aug 13, 2000

Well, a lot of things have changed since you last heard from me. I am currently writing this from San Bernardino, California where I have been placed on the Stampede team roster. I guess I should back up and explain a little. Last week I'm sitting at the house in Vero and the phone rings. It ended up being a call that moved me in a matter of minutes to the other side of the country. I was told that I was being moved to San Bernardino to get rehab on my strained upper hamstring. I know I wrote last time that I injured my hamstring but I have since then gone to the doctor and I was told I would be out for a few more weeks. They felt that this would be a better place for me to finish off the season since I could rehab here and then maybe get in a week or two of playing seeing as the Stampede have a good chance of being a part of the Cal League playoffs. I'm not actually playing with the team right now even though I am on the roster. Another good reason for the move, which is also great news, is that I was invited to play in the Arizona Fall League. The Arizona Fall league is a very competitive league that I really need to be back to 100% physical shape for. I was going to be starting school here at Rice pretty soon for the off-season but you can see things change pretty quickly in baseball. The Fall League runs from about the end of September to the end of November.

Let me just tell you a little about my actual move over here. After I got of the phone, which was maybe around 8 o'clock at night I started packing. At first the Dodgers wanted me to fly straight out the next day to California and then at the end of the season fly back to Vero to get my car and any other stuff I had and then drive back home to Houston, TX. That didn't seem like that made all that much sense so we managed to arrange that I would drive my car home and then fly out of Houston to California. I stared driving on Sunday night at 10 pm and drove straight for about 15 hours to Houston arriving at about 1 pm the next day. It was absolutely miserable! I can't even explain how sick and exhausted I felt. My flight left the next day at eight o'clock that evening which made things much easier on me. As of now I am in San Bernardino safe and I will get back with you in a week to let you know how things are going. That's it for now though, take care!


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